Stop Doing This if you want to be visible as an introvert

I know you want to show up more and make an impact on the lives of the people you work with. 

However, you first need to stop making these 4 things stop you 


Stop trying to change yourself to fit in. Being introverted doesn’t make you invisible nor does it means aren’t “good enough”. Introverts are natural leaders so embrace YOU


Stop thinking that when you ask for help people will hurt you. People are not out to get you. Must of the time you’re creating scenarios in your head and being hard on yourself


Stop waiting for everything to be perfect to start showing up – People are waiting for you with your offer and knowledge to change their lives. People need you and your offers


Stop thinking because you are the person of strength that you have put up your walls when you are in a place of vulnerability. People are attracted to the real authentic you and it doesn’t make it perfect.


Thank you for reading today’s blog. Remember you can do anything you put you mind to! Being introverted is your super power to market and be visible online.


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